Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Potatoes are everyones dear one's. This potato fry is a perfect side dish for sambar rice,lemon rice, coconut rice, curd rice and also chappathi.
Potato       1/4 kg
Big Onion    2
Garlic          3 cloves
Chilli powder   2 tsp
Oil               5- 6 tbsp
Salt              to taste
Sombu / Saunf      1 tsp
Curry leaves         few
Cook the potatoes in a pressure cooker and cut them into cubes.Chop the onions.
Heat  2 tbsp oil and  add sombu, when it changes its colour add crushed garlic and curry leaves.
Dont fry the garlic too much. Add onions and saute well.
In a separate bowl add  the potato cubes, chilli powder and salt.Mix well  to coat the masala all over the cubes.
Add this to the kadai and cook in slow flame.
Dont increase the flame, add the rest of the oil at intervals.
When the potatoes are roasted well add chopped coriander leaves and serve.
NOTE : Seasoning with sombu and garlic will  release its aroma to the whole dish.We can prepare cauliflower in this same method,but we need not cook them before.Just add chopped florets to the onions,and cook  by adding very little water. I'll post that recipe later.

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