Saturday, December 4, 2010


Just luv morkulambu for its simplicity in preperation and greatness in taste.We can prepare this using any vegetable  like ash guard,cucumber,arbi etc or even use masal vadas.Here I have used ash guard.I'll post the other versions in the near future.
Ash guard    1 cup chopped into big pieces
Butter milk    1 cup
Turmeric powder    1 pinch
Salt  to taste
For wet masala:
Coconut    2 tbsp
Red chillies   3
Jeera          1 tbsp
Toor dal     1 tbsp
Raw rice    1 tbsp
Ginger        1/4" piece
For Seasoning :
Coconut oil    1 tbsp
Mustard        1 tsp
Hing             1/4 tsp
Curry leaves   few
Marinate rice, toordal, jeera and red chillies in little water and then grind to smooth paste with coconut.
Cook the ash guard separately.
Mix the wet masala with buttermilk,cooked ash guard, turmeric and salt.Add about one cup of water.
Simmer in low flame stirring in between.When the raw smell goed switch off the stove.
Heat another kadai and start seasoning.Add this to the kulambu.Mix well.
Serve for steamed rice.
Note: Morkulambu tastes better if the buttermilk is one day old.Always use coconut oil and fresh curry leaves.

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