Saturday, September 25, 2010


Thogaiyals  are good with any south indian dish. Thogaiyal  + appalam  is a good combination. Many of us like this simple and tasty combination.There is no long process involved but the ingredients must be accurate to ensure lip smacking taste. One of  myfavourite thogaiyal is beerkangai thol  thogaiyal.Select tender vegetable for this.
Chopped Peels from     1/4 kg Beerkangai
Coriander leaves    1 cup
dry chillies      4 No
 coconut          1/4 cup
Garlic              4 cloves
Ginger             1/4" piece
Tamarind  extract  1 tsp
Jaggery           1tsp
Salt to taste
Oil           1 Tbsp 
Heat oil in kadai.Add red chillies and fry for a minute and keep aside.
Add garlic ginger and  chopped peel and saute well in low flame. The peel should be half cooked.
Add chopped coriander and mix for about 2 mins and off gas. Cool the  mixture.
Grind with tamarind extract, salt , jaggery, dry chillies and coconut with adding more water.  
Serve with  white rice, chittrana rice, sambar or tiffin items.


  1. I never tried thogayal with its skin. I make with the whole veggie though.Looks yummy. will try once..