Saturday, November 13, 2010


For Ras :
Milk     1 lt
Sugar   to taste
Badam, pista and melon seeds   each 2 tsp
Saffron       1 pinch (opt)
Cardamom powder    2 tsp
Ghee     1/2 tsp
For Malai :
Milk        1 lt
Sugar       1 cup
water       4 cups
Lemon     1 No
Boil milk for the ras till it is reduced to half the quantity.Add the required sugar and cardamom powder.
Also add the saffron and leave  it aside.
Chop the nuts finely and roast in the ghee and add to the ras.Now start preparing the malai.
Boil milk for malai and add lemon juice and curdle it. Strain for 30 mins.
Blend in a blender until smooth.Knead well with hands and make into small  balls and flatten it.There should not be any cracks.
Heat water and sugar in pressure pan.When the sugar is dissolved and starts boiling add the prepared malai and cook for one whistle.Dont take off the weight, let the pressure calm down by itself.
Take each malai carefully and squeeze lightly with a laddle. Add to the prepared ras and  refridgerate it.
Serve chilled.
NOTE : Use the milk which has more fat content for rich and creamy taste.Dont  use more ghee for frying the nuts.


  1. I had rasamalai once last month, it was yummy with badam flavor.Tempted to try once :)bookmarked urs too :)

  2. looks perfect n yumm... bookmarked.

  3. Very droolworthy and rich looking rasmalai..

  4. Thanks a lot Chitra, Kurinji and Priya.Try this for your family too.