Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Prepared this cute little doll cake for Sandy's b'day. It was sponge cake with praline filling. I used homemade whipped cream for frosting and filling.The flowers and the dress top was done with royal icing.The cake tasted superb.The bday girl enjoyed a lot.

Fresh cream    200 ml ( with 30% fat)
Suagr powdered    5 tbsp
Vanilla essence     2 tsp
Cool the whisk attachment and bowl in the fridge for about 15 mins.
Beat fresh cream at low speed for about 5 mins.Then add powdered suagr and essence and beat well at medium speed  till soft peaks are formed. Do not over beat.
Place a bowl of ice under the fresh cream bowl to maintain chillness in the cream.
We can add desired food colours to the whipped cream and use for frosting and filling, or just add some dollops to a slice of bread.
Egg white    from one egg
Powdered sugar    1-2 cups(sifted)
Clear vanilla   1 tsp
Water    few spoons (if required)
Beat egg whites for about 5 mins. Add the powdered sugar little by little and beat well till soft peaks are formed..Add essence and edible food colours and use for decorating.there is no correct measurement for sugar, as it depends upon the consistency we need.
Stiff consistency is used for making flowers,leaves, etc.
For medium and thin consistency mix few DROPS of water.This consistency is used for borders etc. I used this consistency for making the doll's dress top.
Thin consistency is used for writing and decorating cookies.
Do not refridgerate royal icing. It stays fresh in room temperature for a week.Store in a dry place.


  1. Wow, it looks beautiful .cute cake :)

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