Thursday, February 17, 2011


Traditionally prepared usili will consume more oil. But today many of us are health concious.This method will consume only little oil.Just give a try... perfect for rasam sadam.
Snakeguard   1/2 kg
Onion          1 no (chopped)
Curry leaves   few
Red chillies   2 no
For tempering:
Oil      6 tbsp
Mustard    1 tsp
Urad dal    1 tsp
Hing          1/4 tsp
For usili:
Channa dal   1/2 cup
Toot dal        1/2 cup
Saunf            2 tsp
Red chilllies   2 no
Salt  to taste.
Soak all the items given for usili except salt. Grind coarsely. Add salt and mix well.Do not add too much of water. The batter should be like  masal vada batter.
Apply oil in idli plates and steam cook the dal batter.When cools completely cut each idli into 4 pieces and put in the mixie and scramble only once.Use 1st speed alone.
Chop the snake guard and add 1 tsp of table salt and mix well. Keep aside for 15mins.Then rinse well and drain.
Heat 2 tbsp oil ina nonstick  kadai and add the items for tempering. Then add red chillies and onions and saute well.
Add snake guard and saute well. Cove and cook for about 5-7 mins.
Add the scrambled dal to the vegetable and saute well.
Add oil at intervals and cook till the dal is crunchy.This process make take about 15- 20 mins.Check for salt.
Serve for any type of south indian lunch items.


  1. Usili looks so delicious. Thanks for visiting and have a nice day. You have a wonderful collection and enjoyed reading them. Wood apple is one , I enjoyed in childhood:) Good job and keep rocking dear!

  2. Thank u Kannan and Viki.