Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Wood apple is rich in vital vitamins.They are widely used in ayurvedic medicines.Nowadays its very rare to get in local markets. I am an adherent lover of this dish. My atthai (dad's elder sister) had this tree in her backyard. I still remember those days whenever I go to her place she used to prepare this for me.The ripness of the wood apple mixed with jaggery and  her everlasting love gives a wonderful tatse.The health benefits of this wonder fruit is here 

Wood apples    2 no
Jaggery             4 tbsp
Cardamon powder   a pinch
Salt                          a pinch
Break the wood apple and scoop the ripe pulp.
Add the rest of the ingredients and mash well with a spoon.
Enjoy the taste.
Note : The pulp of the wood apple will be in dark colour as in the picture if it is ripe. If it is in light greenish colour then it is unripe.Sending this recipe for the event conducted by  http://tastebuds1.blogspot.com/2011/01/cooking-with-fruits-event.html

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