Thursday, September 15, 2011


ICC has selected JALEBI for August challenge. An easy and  exotic recipe of North India. Fermenting of the batter gives that exact taste and also the consistency of the batter plays a vital role.
Maida    100 gms
Curd      1 cup
Corn flour    30 gms
Hot  oil       1 tbsp
Lime juice     1 tsp
Sugar           1 cup
Water          1/2 cup
Saffron colour   a pinch
Oil              for frying

For the batter : Take corn flour, maida, saffron colour, curd, lime juice and hot oil. Whisk well so the the batter is free from lumps.The batter must be thick. Leave overnight for fermentation.
For sugar syrup : Heat sugar and water. Boil till syrupy consistency is reached. Keep the syrp warm.
Heat oil in kadai. Jalebis must be fried in hot oil.
Take ziplock bag. Cut at one corner to make a hole.Fill in the batter and pipe out jalebis in small circles upto 3 turns. Fry till crisp. Dip in sugar syrup for few minutes and then drain it. Arrange in a serving plate.
Serve warm.

Note : Actual recipe calls for saffron colour. I have used regular kesari colour.


  1. Woww urs looks super prefect and fabulous..

  2. Shape has come out really well..glad you joined us..

  3. Looks DELICIOUS!!! It is turned out really perfectly :)

  4. Hi Sri Annalakshmi,

    I am prathiba from "The indian food court". Wonderful pictorials of Jalebi and feel like grabbing the plate right now!!!! Keep up the good work.