Saturday, October 15, 2011


Dear readers, sorry for the long break. Exams for kid, vacation joys, etc put me on silent mode almost for a month.Every women will be craving to visit her mom's place during vacations, like our kids we'll also be counting the days when the exams will get over!!!! Just enjoyed my vacation this time as usual, finished my Deepavali purchases, had nice delicious food etc. And also learnt some new recipes from my fav  Annapoorani Atthai.
    Coming to ICC challenge for this month, the team has selected a Gujarati dish which sounded very new to me. I was skeptical in preparing this dish, as I haven't seen or tasted this snack. But gave a try, to my surprise the dish turned out tasty...I selected Preeti's blog. The recipe is easy and can be prepared any time. any day. Perfect for a rainy evening.
Besan flour        1 cup
Urad dal flour    1/2 cup
Chilli powder      1 tsp
Oil                     1 tsp
Soda                  a pinch
Salt                   for taste
Oil                    for frying
Black salt          for taste

Boil 1/2 cup of water with oil, salt and soda. When warm add to both the flours along with chilli powder to a dough.Keep aside for 15 mins.Roll into thin chappathis, cut into strips and deep ry in hot oil. Sprinkle salt and black salt as for taste.Serve plain or with coriander mint chutney.
NOTE : In the original recipe chilli powder is used  for sprinkling after frying, here I have used  to the dough itself.


  1. glad that you are back and trying a great snack.They have turned out beautifully.

  2. Looks super prefect dear..well executed..

  3. hey u made the whole challenge super easy...wonder why I fretted so much?...probably because I know what chorafali looks n tastes like:))actually thaese have turned quite good!!

  4. Cholafali have come out well...glad you joined us..

  5. Looks like a great snack! Can't wait to try it myself.