Friday, September 17, 2010


No matter where you go, ice cream is a fought-over, pleaded-for, sought-out treat in homes everywhere! I admit this. I am crazy on icecreams and I love to have any time, any season and any flavour.After lot of googling I found my own icecream recipe. Hats off Shri :-...There was some whipping cream left unattented in the fridge after making pineapple pastry and Black forest cake. I was fully fedup to bake a freash cream cake so I ended up with this wonderful creation. The texture of the icecream was really creamy and yummy. Also I havent added any preservatives or stabilisers.
Whipping cream 2 cups
Milk powder      1 cup
Sugar (powdered) 1/2 cup
Vanilla essence   Few drops
Water       1/2 cup.
Combine all the ingredients and blend in a mixie. Store the mixture in an aluminium vessel and freeze for 2 hrs. Again beat  the mixture and freeze it. Repeat the process for another couple of times with 2 hrs gap. Finally freeze for 5 hrs and serve.
NOTE : This is the basic recipe. One can create variations from this.I'll post other varieties in the near future.

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